Size chart

All VIS-A-VIS bed and bath products are crafted in accordance to established and globally accepted sizing standards. Refer to the charts below to see which ones suit you best.

Made to measure

VIS-A-VIS offers a large selection of white and coloured fabrics such as Cotton Satin, Percale, Cotton Voile, Linen and Stone Washed linen in different thread counts. VIS-A-VIS only selects the very best linen. The quality of the thread itself, as well as the strength and length of the fibre, is essential in providing the highest quality of fabric. All our models can be made to measure and are available in each of our departments: bed, bath and table.

All sizes are in centimeters


Bedding ranges have been crafted with the finest fabrics and can be made bespoke in any size or special design.

UK single UK small double UK double UK king UK super king UK emperor
Mattress 90 x 190 120 x 190 135 x 190 150 x 200 180 x 200 200 x 200
Duvet cover 140 x 200 200 x 220 200 x 220 240 x 220 260 x 220 290 x 240
Top sheet 180 x 320 240 x 320 240 x 320 270 x 320 300 x 320 300 x 320

Pillow cases

Square Rectangular Rectangular king Small
65 x 65 50 x 75 50 x 90 30 x 40


Beach towel Bath sheet Bath mat rectangular Guest towel Deck towel Hand towel Bath mat square Wash cloth
110 x 180 100 x 150 60 x 90 60 x 40 90 x 180 60 x 100 60 x 60 30 x 30


All tablecoths are made to measure and have a usual drop of 35 cm on each side. Bespoke embroideries and special shapes available.

Dining room placements

Placement Napkin Napkin
65 x 65 50 x 75 50 x 90


Cotton satin

Cotton Satin has a luxurious silky look and feel. Its sheen intensifies as the thread count increases. It softens with time.

Cotton percale

Percale has a mat and crisp finish which gives an understated look to your bed. It softens with time.

Cotton voile

Cotton Voile is a very refined fabric as light as a feather.

Classic linen

Linen doesn't retain heat as much as cotton does and allows the body to breathe. It has a more traditional look than cotton. It softens with time and is very durable.

Stone washed linen

Stone Washed Linen has the same properties as Classic Linen which gives a relaxed, lived in look to your bedroom. Ironing is not required for this fabric. It softens with time.


We offer the very best quality towels produced in France with 100% Egyptian combed cotton weighing 580g which gives a thick , fluffy and absorbent towel. All our towels can be embroidered to match our linen