Loyal to its haute couture approach, VIS-A-VIS does not outsource ensuring perfect mastery of its line manufacture chain and its production deadlines, so that it can deliver a true couture experience.


Since 1989, VIS-A-VIS has designed more than three hundred timeless models Hand-embroidered on the finest European fabrics and since 2015 Hand-guided-embroidery linen collection into its own atelier in France.


Luxury bespoke hand embroidery linen work in progress at the VIS A VIS Paris French studio

True luxury must adapt to any individual requirements. This special attentiveness is applied throughout all of VIS-A-VIS’ linen sets and products, coupled with all the signs of delicateness that come with it.


Since 1989 VIS-A-VIS has been at the forefront of the linen Haute Couture industry, specialising in linen of exceptional luxury, both by the fabrics which it uses as well as its know-how.

The brand

Since 1989, VIS-A-VIS has gained fame as one of the most elegant haute couture brands in the world of hand embroidered linen.